2006 Presidents' Cup

August 29 - 31, 2006
Paris, France

An awesome group of USIC players arrived in Paris in July to take on a French juggernaut consisting of, among others, Francoise Durr, Rosie Darmon, and four ex-French Davis Cuppers. In fact, the French Team included four players who are in the Museum at Roland Garros.

This was the first US-French IC Match and it will be the first of many, cemented by great hospitality from the French, although they prevailed, and by a silver bowl, the President's Cup named for Eugene Scott and Bob Abdesselam, who were long-time presidents of their respective IC's. Bob Abdesselam, one of the leaders and visionaries of the IC of France, who did so much for all the ICs and their members over the years, died during the tie. Having the President's Cup dedicated to his memory and to the memory of Gene Scott makes this competition even more special.

We are delighted to have Rosie Darmon and Jean Claude Barclay as Honorary Members of the US IC and appreciate having had Kristin Fullam and Michael Beautyman similarly honored by the IC of France.

A tough USIC team succeeded in improving US-French relations by losing 18 out of 27 matches.

The French were hospitable in all respects, including a magnificent banquet at the Racing Club in Paris, but a combination of former French Open players and Davis Cup stalwarts, including Francoise Durr, Rosie Darmon, and Messrs Barclay, Leclercq, et al. proved too hot in two days of uncommon Paris heat.

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