Germany's IC Nations' Trophy 2012
Date:  Sep 20, 2012 - Sep 23, 2012
Location:  Frankfurt, Germany
Venue:  Tennisclub of Bad Vilbel
USIC Captain Information
Captain:Tom Bender


On the outskirts of Frankfurt the Tennis Club of Bad Vilbel was host to the third German Nations Trophy from September 21 - 23. The event ran over the course of three very enjoyable and action packed days. Some of the highlights included an Oktoberfest celebration, a unique dining expereince at a renovated Juice bottling factory and of course competitive tennis.

On the tennis side of the weekend our starting line up of Rick Best, Tom Bender, Lindsey Hardenbergh, and Keith Thomas gave it their all. Over the three days they played hard against IC teams from Luxembourg, Germany and Great Britain. Although the matches were close it was clear Germany had a home court advantage. England was the only team that could rival them. These two teams ended up competing on Sunday for the title.

Off the courts, the teams were able to mingle and enjoy a festive weekend. After the completion of Fridays matches the official IC dinner was held that evening at the Juice Factory owned by club president Dirk Hinkel. The event started with a speech by special guest Dr. Karl-Georg Altenburg, president of the German Tennis Federation. His speech highlighted the importance and work of the IC organizations. Following an elegant meal and captain's speeches players were able to loosen up on the dance floor for the remainder of the evening.

By the end of the day on Saturday all teams were tired but excited for that evenings Oktoberfest party. Club members and certain IC players were outfitted in the traditional Bavarian outfits; Lederhosen (leather pants) for men and Dirndls (bavarian dresses) for women. Guests were treated to the music of a native Bavarian band and a full pig roast. After a hearty meal beer mugs were refilled and players once again were able to relax, share stories, and many found themselves on the dance floor until the early morning hours.

Following Sunday's final the standings were Germany, GB, Luxembourg, and USA. Lindsey Hardenbergh was undefeated in singles play and received an award for best ladies player. A special thanks to German IC president Alex Kurucz, Dirk Hinkel and the Bad Vilbel team for an excellent event.

Guests Players
Keith Thomas 40+
\r\nTom Bender 45+
\r\nRick Best

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