USIC Broward Craig Trophy

July 09, 2012
Brussels, Belgium
R.Leopold Club
Recap & Summary
Captain:Tom Sandor and Robert VanMalder

The second bi-annual match for the Broward Craig Trophy was held under perpetually wet skies at RLC, but there were enough breaks in the weather, and enough indoor courts that all matches were played. The strong Belgian team was victorious by a score of 20 sets to 7. Although the 13 person US team, captained by Tom Sandor, had a talented contingent, we were outmatched in both the men's and women's division. We can attribute part of our demise to our unfamiliarity with the damp red clay courts, but this would not do justice to the fine play of the Belgian team captained by Robert Van Malder. This reverses the US team victory at Merion Cricket Club in 2010.

A bus trip to Bruges was one of the social highlights of our visit. The facilities at RLC were excellent and our dinner at La Maison du Cygne, in La Grand Place, where stories were exchanged, was memorable. Sandor asked for a moment of silence to celebrate the life of Broward Craig, after whom the event is named. After the matches, the US team scattered to many different destinations in Europe for tournaments and family activities.

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