USIC Special Events: IC Day at the Westside Tennis Club

September 04, 2014
Forest Hills, NY, US
Westside Tennis Club
USIC Captain Information
Captain:James Wilson Chrm. USIC Special Events
'IC Day', held on September 4 at the historic West Side Tennis Club (WSTC) in Forest Hills, NY, was hosted by USIC/WSTC members James Wilson, Bob Ingersole, Guillermo Oropez, Doug Wigdor, Joe Dippell, Jr. and Steve Schott. The day honored former USIC President Gene Scott, and more than 20 members and friends enjoyed a beautiful outing.

Spirited doubles matches were played on the grass courts, followed by lunch on the terrace. Participants included: Dan Waldman, Don Tansey, Joe Dippell, Jr., Steve Schott, Doug Wigdor, Polly Scott, Gordon Aydelott, Donna Fales, Ann Schwartz, Anthony Franco, Geoff Gocke, and Tom Bender. In addition, three invited guests were proposed as members: Ely (Terry) Kahn, Akemi Kinoshita, and Paulina Rys.

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