2008 Amigos Cup

May 2 - 4, 2008
Palm Beach, FL, USA

Men's Matches

Andy Lake (U.S.) defeated Eduardo Marones: 6-4,7-6

Mark Harrison (U.S.) defeated Herold Feldhaus: 7-6,7-5

Garitt Disbergen (U.S.) defeated Patricio Garcia Muriel: 6-2,6-0

Jeff Winkler (U.S.) defeated Michel Bouffier: 6-3,6-0

Joe Rasgado (U.S.) defeated Rene Curiel: 6-4,4-6,7-5

Mike Sulewski (U.S.) defeated Javier Munoz de Buena: 6-3,6-2

Roberto Pulido (Mexico) defeated David Scaff: _____, ______, 7-6

Ted Hoehn (U.S.) defeated Raul Contreras: 6-2,6-1

Roger Werener (Mexico) defeated Jim Baker: 6-0,6-0

Carlos Sendel (Mexico) defeated Ray Benton: 6-7,6-0,6-1

Hector Arellano (Mexico) defeated Alan Sherer: _____,_____

Mark Cresap (U.S.) defeated Tom Heather: 6-2,4-6,6-3

Jamie Pressley (U.S.) defeated Alvero Cantu: 6-0,6-1

Jose Gasca (Mexico) vs. Bill Caler:

Clyde Barker (U.S.) defeated Ercole Marziano: 6-0,6-1

Geoff Moore (U.S.) defeated Luis Beraldi: 6-3, retired

Andy Lake-Mark Harrison (U.S.) defeated Ricardo Werener-Patrico Garcia Muriel: 6-4,6-4

Eduardo Marones-Harold Feldhaus (Mexico) defeated Jeff Winkler, Garitt Disbergen:

Roberto Puldio-Jesus Chevarria (Mexico) defeated Nanny Hoehn-David Scaff:

Mike Sulewski-Mark Cresap (U.S.) defeated Michel Buffier-Javier Munoz de Buena: 6-1,6-2

Geoff Moore-Ted Hoehn (U.S) defeated Peter Bromley-Raul Contraras:

Jim Wilson-Clyde Barker (U.S.) defeated Ercole Marziano-Jose Gasca: 6,2,6-4

Alimo Cantu-Tom Heather vs. Bill Caler-Alan Sherer:

Ray Benton-Joanne Russell defeated Ed Turville-Trish Riddle: 6-3,2-6,7-6 (4)

Jim Wilson-Hero Suzuki defeated Stan Gruner-Jose Gasca: 6-3,7-5

Trish Riddle-Ricardo Beraldi defeated Mary Daily-Jim Baker: 6-4,6-0

Friday, May 2, 2008

Women's Matches

JoAnne Russell (U.S.) defeated Lissette Gevbelle (Mexico)

Kerry Young (U.S.) defeated Alina Baraldi (Mexico)

Carol Clay (U.S.) defeated Beatriz Andronigui (Mexico)

Donna Fales (U.S.) defeated Magna Cantu (Mexico)

Frances Dickenson (U.S.) defeated Rebeca Nava (Mexico)

Alina Pinedo (Mexico) defeated Nanny Hoehn (U.S.)

Diane Hoffman (U.S.) defeated Karin Amaros (Mexico)

Mary Daily-JoAnne Russell (U.S.) defeated Lissette Gevbelle-Alina Beraldi (Mexico)

Carol Clay-Kerry Young (U.S.) defeated Beatriz Andronigui-Magna Cantu (Mexico)

Rebeca Nava-Alina Pinedo (Mexico) defeated Diane Hoffman-Alex Anlyan (U.S.)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Trish Riddle (U.S.) defeated Lissette Gevbelle (Mexico)

Vicci Beggs (U.S.) defeated Alina Beraldi (Mexico)

Frances Dickenson (U.S.) defeated Beatriz Andronigui ((Mexico)

Carol Clay (U.S.) defeated Magna Cantu (Mexico)

Helen Pecori (U.S.) defeated Rebeca Nava (Mexico)

Alina Pinedo (Mexico) defeated Diane Hoffman (U.S.)

Nanny Hoehn (U.S.) defeated Karin Amaros (Mexico)

Mary Daily-JoAnne Russell (U.S.) defeated Lissette Gevbelle-Alina Beraldi (Mexico)

Trish Riddle-Kerry Young (U.S.) defeated Beatriz Andronigui-Magna Cantu (Mexico)

Frances Dickenson-Margie Cooper (U.S.) split sets with Alina Pinedo-Karen Ameros (Mexico)

Men's Matches

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Andy Lake (U.S.) defeated Roger Werener: 6,2-6-2

Eduardo Morones (Mexico) defeated Mark Harrison: 7-6, 6-3

Garitt Disbergen (U.S.) defeated Herald Feldhaus: 6-3,6-3

Patricio Garcia Manuel (Mexico) defeated Mke Sulewski: 6-2, 6-1

Jeff Winkler (U.S.) defeated Javier Munoz de Buena: 6-2,6-2

Joe Rasgado (U.S.) defeated Michael Bouffier: 6-1,6-1

Roberto Pulido (Mexico) defeated Mark Cresap: 6-4, 2-6, 6-3

Jim Baker (U.S.) defeated Tom Heather: 6-2,6-2

Ted Hoehn (U.S.) defeated Alvero Cantu: 6-1,6-3

Carlos Sendel (Mexico) defeated Alan Sherer:

Jesus Chevarria (Mexico) defeated Jamie Pressley: 6-0,6-3

Geoff Moore (U.S.) Rene Curiel:

Ray Benton (U.S.) defeated Jose Gasca: 6-2, 6-2

Andy Lake-Mark Harrison (U.S.) defeated _________-________:

David Scott-Mike Sulewski (U.sS.) defeated Javier Munoz de Buena-Michael Buffier: 6-3, 6-4

Ed Turville-David Scaff (U.S.) defeated Rudolfo Garcia Muriel-Raul Contraras: 6-2,6-1

_________-__________ (Mexico) defeated Jeff Winkler-Garitt Disbergen

Jim Baker-Ted Hoehn (U.S.) defeated Alvero Cantu-Jose Garcia: 8-5 (pro set)

Hector Arellano-Ercol Marziano (Mexico) Bill Caler-Jim Wilson:

Carol Clay-Hero Suzuki (U.S.) defeated Donna Fales-Clyde Barker: 7-6, 2-6, 11-9

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