2017 Germany IC Week Windmill

August 16 - 20, 2017
Berlin, Germany
Blau Weiss Tennis Club
Recap & Summary
Captain:Bruce Lipka

The USIC participated in the 2017 Windmill Cup IC week, which was part of the German IC 50th anniversary celebration. The US team consisted of:
Bruce Lipka, Captain
Kam Kuchta
Paul Garvin
Andy Orban
Dan Stahl

It was a Windmill Week to remember in late August! Eleven nations helped the German IC celebrate its 50th Anniversary in style in the host team's capital, Berlin. Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, Slovenia, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg, and the USIC enjoyed the full German experience with the city's captivating landmarks and delicious cuisine. 

USIC members Paul Garvin, Kam Kuchta, Bruce Lipka, Andy Orban, and Ban Stahl toured Berlin's historic beer halls and beer gardens and capped off the weekend with an exquisite evening at the Friedrichstadt Palast in East Berlin for a viewing of "The One, Grand Show." 

On court, USIC was victorious over Great Britain in a highly contested match that came down to a deciding match tiebreaker. Overall, USIC finished in the middle of the pack in sixth place. Captain Bruce Lipka was awarded an honorary German IC Membership.

Glückwünsche Bruce! 




Paul Garvin
Bruce Lipka
Andrew Orban
Daniel Stahl
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