2018 New York Open
Date:  Feb 11, 2018
Location:  Glen Cove, New York, USA
Venue:  Robbie Wagner Tournament Training
USIC Captain Information
Captain:Jeffrey Snow

The first annual New York Open USIC day was a big success.  We had a couple of hours of social tennis, a nice meal at the courts afterwards, and then all went to see the opening night of the New York Open (a new ATP event).

This featured an exhibition singles match between John McEnroe and James Blake, followed by a singles match between Eugenie Bouchard and Sloan Stevens.  

The best match of the evening followed those:  a mixed doubles match of McEnroe and Stevens vs. Blake and Bouchard.  Lots of trash talking, and McEnroe and Stevens won.

After the matches we got to meet the players in an intimate setting.  All in all a very fun evening.  

In addition to hanging out with my favorite people in the world (our USIC team), we got to meet a couple of strong prospective members (Raj Vaswani and Jason Morgenstern).

Amorita Snow
Akiko Tohmatsu
Anthony Barton
Brian Campbell
Jason Morgenstern
Jeffrey Snow
J. Donald Tansey
Raj Vaswani

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