2022 CQS IC Four Nation

November 14 - 18, 2022
Prague, Czech Republic
I.CLTK Tennis Club
Recap & Summary
Men's Captain:Jeffrey Snow
Women's Captain:Margaret Lumia


 The CQS Event in Prague was a huge success. The USIC was represented by Margaret Lumia, Mariana Holman, Stacey Williams, Victoria Beggs, Jeffrey Snow, Ted Pearce and Rob Principe (non-member), with two significant others Amorita Snow and Kathy Pearce. In a fuzzy logic doubles tournament where total games won divided by matches played determined the winner the USIC team won by a wide margin over the other 3 IC teams present (Canada, Ireland and the Czech Republic). The level of play was very high, and everyone competed and contributed to the team victory. More importantly the USIC team bonded at an even more impressive level as a team. I really felt like we got to know each other, care for each other and look out for each other. I truly think we have formed lasting lifelong friendships at this event.  

   As far as the mission of the IC in general of reaching across the net to make friends with our colleagues in other nations the event was also a big success. The level of sportsmanship was extremely high. There were absolutely no on court disputes about lines or anything else. All four teams got along very well. The second day of the event all the doubles teams were in fact made up of members from two separate teams with points going equally to both teams. We also got introduced to the Czech culture and to some of the Czech living legends of tennis (Helena Sukova and Jan Kodes).  In these troubled times it is events like these that in a small but very real way help foster world peace.  




Viktoria Beggs
Mariana Hollman
Margaret Lumia
Stacey Williams
Ted Pearce
Robert Principe
Jeffrey Snow
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