2021 Jouer Au Tennis IC Day

June 05, 2021
Washington D.C., USA
William H.G. Fitzgerald Tennis Center
Recap & Summary
Captain:David Gollob

USIC’s Own Roland Garros

“Jouer Au Tennis” IC Day

Washington, DC

Saturday, June 5, 2021

 Ninety degree temperatures ona Washington, DC Saturday afternoon didn’t prevent the bright, smiling faces ofUSIC players and guests from playing tennis for two and a half hours onsun-filled courts for “Jouer Au Tennis” IC  Day on June 5.

 The “Jouer Au Tennis” event, scheduledfor the middle weekend of the French Open, shared similarity with Roland Garrosbeing played on clay, but was certainly not the comfortable 72- degree dayParis was enjoying at the time!

 Serving as host, David Gollobwelcomed players to Rock Creek Park Tennis Center and the William H.G. FitzgeraldTennis Stadium in Washington, DC, assigned first round partners for the 19 participantsand encouraged all to grab water and Gatorade on the way to the courts.Following warm-ups, Gollob kept players on track through five match rotations,where 15 men and four women played with and against fellow members and guestsin mixed doubles and men’s doubles.

 While the majority of matcheswere played on four clay courts, everyone had the opportunity to play onedoubles match on the Citi Open stadium center court, surrounded by the namesencircling the court of the past champions of the annual ATP Tour tournamentplayed at the site.

 Following tennis, players congregatedin the stadium for refreshments and snacks renewing friendships and to furtherthe outreach of USIC philanthropic endeavors.

 Carrying out the French themefor the “Jouer Au Tennis” event, Gollob conducted a drawing for two bottles of Taittinger’sFrench champagne, with USIC member Brian Campbell and guest Chris Manning takinghome the bubbly prizes.

 Gollob then announced adonation of $1000 to the Washington Tennis and Education Foundation (WTEF) and re-introducedWTEF CEO John Borden, who had participated with USIC members throughout the afternoon.Borden shared the sparkling successes of the WTEF community programs in thepast year despite the challenges of COVID and thanked the USIC for itscontinued support. The Rock Creek Park Tennis Center has served as the WestCampus of WTEF for more than 50 years since the organization was founded.

 An outstanding exhibitionmatch on stadium court closed the festivities featuring USIC member CalvinLaForrest and guests Nick Barquin, Ira Carnahan and Chris Manning.

 The “Jouer Au Tennis” eventis metropolitan Washington DC’s second successful IC Day following the inaugural“Get Out and Play” IC Day in October, 2020, which was also held at the CitiOpen tournament site benefitting WTEF.


Erin Ortiz
Simmy Pell
Juli Raventos
Jeanne Swiacki
Louise Thomas
Robb Bunnen
Brian Campbell
David Cunningham
David Fitzgerald
David Gollob
Eric Joseph
Calvin LaForrest
Edward Mandel
David McKean
Ralph Nappi
Kelly Nygaard
Guests/Proposed Members
Ned Mandel Jr, Nick Barquin, Ira Carnahan
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