2023 Dublin, IC of Ireland

May 5 - 6, 2023
Dublin, Ireland
Carrickmines Lawn Tennis Club
Recap & Summary
Men's Captain:Carlos Garcia
Women's Captain:Margaret Lumia

The 2023 IC of Ireland, Dublin was a fabulous experience for the USIC Team of 8 men and 3 women who made the long journey to Dublin. The hospitality from the Irish from the moment we arrived was truly amazing and the USIC members who participated in this memorable fixture are forever grateful to the IC of Ireland in providing the USIC a truly exceptional experience. The competition and camaraderie was fantastic, the weather cooperated beautifully, and playing on the 4 beautiful grass courts of the Carrickmines Croquet and Lawn Club was so much fun. The Irish entertained the USIC Team with great lunches during the day, a wonderful dinner on Friday night in the city centre at a famous and award winning establishment named Davy Byrnes, and the formal dinner Saturday night at the Fitzwilliam Lawn and Tennis Club was a special night and truly enjoyed by everyone in attendance. The IC of Ireland won the overall fixture 10pts to USA’s 7pts and every match from start to to finish was played with great passion and exceptional sportsmanship. Both teams were very evenly matched which provided for what was truly an exciting and memorable IC fixture and many thanks to the IC of Ireland for all their efforts in hosting such a premier event. 


Results from the 2023 IC of Ireland, Dublin are as follows:
May 5th Session 1
Mark Harrison-Carlos Garcia USA def Richard Collins-Jimmy McDonogh IRE
Parke Morris-Steve Willoughby USA def Eddie Maloney-Conor Woods IRE 6-3,6-1
Jean Baker-Ffyona Cunningham IRE def Marians Hollman-Margaret Lumia USA 6-3,7-5
Leslie O’Halloran-Pat Guiry IRE def Jeff Snow-Stacey Williams USA  6-2,7-5
Paddy McCooey-Pat Guiry IRE def Jeff Snow-Paul Wulf USA 6-4,6-7, (8)
Steve Gottlieb-David Cunningham USA def Willie Caldwell-John Goggin IRE 
Session 2
Carlos Garcia-Stacey Williams USA def Eddie Maloney-Jean Baker IRE 6-4,6-4
Ffyona Cunningham-Conor Woods IRE def Margaret Lumia-David Cunningham USA 6-0,6-7,(6)
Paddy McCooey-Leslie O’Halloran IRE def Mariana Hollman-Steve Willoughby  USA 7-6,7-6
Parke Morris-Mark Harrison USA def Richard Collins-Jimmy McDonogh IRE 6-3,6-2
Steve Gottlieb-David Cunningham USA def Willie Caldwell-John Goggin IRE 8-3
May 6th Session 3
Ffyona Cunningham-John Boylan IRE def Carlos Garcia-Margaret Lumia USA
Leslie O’Halloran-Carmel O’Hare IRE def Mariana Hollman-Stacey Williams USA 6-3,6-1
Parke Morris-Mark Harrison USA def Richard Collins-Paddy McCooey IRE 
Eddie Maloney-Noel Sheridan IRE def Paul Wulf-Jeff Snow USA 6-4,0-6,(6) 
Session 4
Willie Caldwell-Conor Sparks IRE def Steve Gottlieb-David Cunningham USA 6-2,6-3
Pat Guiry-John Boylan IRE def Carlos Garcia-Steve Willoughby USA 8-6
IC of Ireland 10pts


Margaret Lumia
Stacey Williams
David Cunningham
Steve Gottlieb
Mark Harrison
Parke Morris
Jeffrey Snow
Steven Willoughby
Paul Wulf
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