2017 Gengler Cup

June 2 - 4, 2017
Toronto, Canada
Donalda Club
Recap & Summary
Captain:Louise Thomas

2017 Gengler Cup Recap

June 1 – 3, 2017

The USIC fielded a team of 8 players strong and headed to Toronto for the 2017 Gengler Cup.

With warnings of near constant rain and wind in the Toronto area all spring, our Friday arrival brought the best weather to date, clear and 70. The team met up at the beautiful Lambton Golf and Country Club, our new host site, for a lovely afternoon of practice. Friday’s dinner provided a warm welcome from the Canadians for the three USIC teams (men’s Baker Bowl and Sorlein Trophy) and we all had a chance to meet and greet.

Saturday’s weather was perfect, sunny and 70’s. The women kicked off play with a round of competitive matches resulting in a 2-2 tie, then enjoyed watching the men’s Open matches as we rested between rounds -  tremendous play and spectating all day. The women’s afternoon round fell to USA with two third-set tiebreak wins for a 4-0 round instead of another split.

The Canadian team included many of our regular participating friends as well as the three-time senior World Champion, Inge Weber (75’s and 80’s) and 2006 National ITA Indoor Doubles Champion in Katarina Zoricic.  Our USIC team is listed below.

Saturday evening, the Canadians hosted the IC Banquet for all players at the prestious Lambton Club. For Sunday morning, it was all rain and off to indoor courts. With a 6-2 lead, team USA was able to clinch the win with a 7-3 final.

The strong bonds formed between USIC and Canada have only deepened. Indeed, we now have a rich history to share. It is one of fierce competition, enduring friendship and sportsmanship. We all agree, the best of tennis. 


Frances Dickenson
Pat Hirsch
Lisa Hoffstein
Sanae Ohyama
Anne Prosser
Jeanne Swiacki
Louise Thomas
Akiko Tohmatsu
Leslie Wargo
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