2018 Baker Bowl
Date:  Jun 15, 2018 - Jun 17, 2018
Location:  Locust Valley NY, United States
Venue:  Piping Rock Club
USIC Captain Information
Captain:Hollis Russell
Co-Captain:Adam Rosen

LOCUST VALLEY, N.Y. - In a nail-biting weekend, the USA women were narrowly defeated in the Gengler Cup, and the men came out on top against the Canadian IC at Piping Rock Club on June 15-17. 

In the Gengler Cup, American and Canadian teams fought it out on the grass to a 6-6 finish. In a rollercoaster competition, the Canadians led 5-1 at the end of Saturday. However Team USA battled back on Sunday, this time finishing the day 5-1 in their favor. As a result of the 6-6 tie, the outcome was decided by total sets won, which tipped the scales in favor of team Canada. 

The late Jeanne Logan Gengler, for whom the Gengler Cup was named, would have smiled upon her four daughters and two grandchildren who cheered on and participated in the Gengler Cup. The Gengler family was represented by team captain Louise Gengler Thomas and Jeanne Swiacki, both of whom played, while Nancy Gengler Saint and Marion Gengler Melton were cheering from the sidelines. Granddaughter Austin Smith, daughter of fifth sister Margie Gengler Smith, and great-grandson Tatum represented three generations present. 

Team USA was also represented by Gretchen Biggs, Margaret Cooper, Lisa Evans, Lisa Hoffstein, Connie Jones, Wendy Nolan, Simmy Pell, Jackie Powers, Anne Prosser, Norma Taylor and Akiko Tohmatsu.



USIC V. CANADA RESULTS                                                      June 16-17, 2018


Piping Rock Club, Locust Valley, New York



9:30 am


U.S.                                                                 CANADA

Carlos Garcia/Andrew Adler,               & Robert Janecek/Lee Simard                         6-3, 7-5 [CDN]

Howard Berman, /Tim Snell               & Fraser MacDonald/Terry Redvas                6-0, 6-2 [U.S.]


Andy Hauser / Rod Schroeder, Rod  & Rosti Brankovsky/Rick Howell                  6-3, 6-1 [U.S.]

Walter Terry/ Anthony Barton            & Shaheer Mikhail/David Baraff                    7-5. 6-2 [U.S.]


Bob Litwin                                          & Tim Griffin                                                  6-2, 6-2 [U.S.]

Paul Hoffstein                                     & Owen Pellew                                               10-6 [U.S.]



Jeff Snow/Tim Snell                            & Robert Janecek/Owen Pellew                                   2-6, 6-3(1) [U.S.]

Michael Powers/ Adam Rosen            & Len Simard/Fraser MacDonald                   7-5, 6-7 (10-8) [CDN]


James Clark/Hollis Russell                  & Rosti Brankovsky/Tim Griffin                    6-4, 7-5[CDN]

Michael Kempner/ William Bruder     & Shaheer Mikhail/ Terry Redvas                   6-4, 7-5[CDN]


Robert Weissman/ Donald Tansey,     & David Baraff/Rick Howell                         6-1, 6-0 [U.S.]





Tim Snell/Carlos Garcia                      & Owen Pellew/Fraser MacDonald                6-2, 6-2 [U.S.]

Jeff Snow/ Bob Litwin                       & Rosti Brankovsky/Len Simard                    6-4, 6-2 [U.S.]

Paul Hoffstein /James Clark               & Tim Griffin/Terry Redvas                           2-6, 6-2 (10-6) [CDN]

Anthony Barton /Michael Kempner,  &Rick Howell/David Baraff                          6-2, 6-0[U.S.]




Howard Berman/ Adam Rosen,         & Len Simard/Owen Pellew                           6-2, 6-4 [U.S.]

Robert Weissman/Donald Tansey       &Fraser MacDonald/Tim Griffin                    6-0, 6-3[CDN]

Terry Walter/Rod  Schroeder              & Rosti Brankovsky/Terry Redvas                 6-2, 7-6 [CDN]




Andrew Adler
Anthony Barton
Howard Berman
William Bruder
Paul Hoffstein
Michael Kempner
Robert Litwin
Michael Powers
Adam Rosen
Hollis Russell
Timothy Scanlon
Rod Schroeder
J. Donald Tansey
Walter Terry
Robert Weissman

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