2013 Amigos Cup

October 24 - 27, 2013
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
The Sheraton has no tennis courts, we will be playing in nearby clubs.
Recap & Summary
Men's Captain:Pam Austin
Women's Captain:Margie Cooper

Mexico hosted the 2013 Amigos Cup at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico on the lower Baja Peninsula, October 25 - 27. Margie Cooper captained the lady's team. Pan Austin captained the men's team.

After two days, the matches were tied 16 all. The final day there were four matches played, with one ladies and three men. USA prevailed in a very close final. The final score was 19-17.

USA had many new participants from California on the men's team. The Mexicans invited for honorary membership Pam Austin and Liviu Mancas. USA inducted as honorary members Raquel Contreras de Aramboro and Fernando Borja.

Pam Austin will host next year's match at her home club in Pacific Palisades, CA - The Riviera Tennis Club

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The Mexico team consisted of:



Women Men
Celnia Contu Fernando Borja
Karin Amaros (non playing) Jaime Suarez
Mayda Contu Javier Ordaz
Raquel Contreras de Aramboro Juan Castanon
Rebecca Nava Juan Manuel Aramboro, Sr.
  Juan Manuel Abraboro-Gonzalez
  Luis Fernandez
  Ricardo Rondarte
  Roberto Pulido



Pam Austin
Margaret Cooper
Stella Ip
Tania Torruella
Ann Vanneck
Kerry Young
Jeff Austin
Chris Bensinger
Richard Bry
William Caler
Harlan Stone
Guest Players
David McNamara, John Huebner, Vincent Baudat
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